NHC. America’s Cost Leader.

As “America’s Cost Leader” We Know What You Need.

As “America’s Cost Leader”, not only do we build high-quality, affordable homes, but we have the ability and experience to take on diverse projects for investment groups,

NHC’s culture of strong production and building experience, along with low- cost efficiencies allows us to handle the vertical of your project from start to finish – handling all the details, from the slab up – at great value.

We can build from your plans and specs, refine your plans, or we can build from our product catalog – the choice is yours. And you can be sure that NHC will adhere to the same high-quality standards in building your product, as we do with our own homes.

We know what you need and with NHC at the helm, it’s a win-win situation. Because with NHC, you’re getting a company with top-notch expertise in providing high-quality construction at cost-effective pricing…and that represents value.

Fee Build. Here’s How It Works.

Our fee-building services to our clients include obtaining permits, utility coordination,
scheduling, project oversight, on-site construction management and quality control throughout the vertical build process. We adhere to municipality codes & local jurisdiction inspection requirements throughout the construction process.

The Fee Build Process.

NHC knows every job is different, but we follow the same basic steps when bidding on construction projects for investment groups. First, we meet with you to discuss and learn all aspects of the job, which enables us to determine the the scope and timeline of your project. When the information gathering is complete, we negotiate a contract that is mutually agreeable and financially beneficial to both parties. Once the contract is agreed upon and signed, NHC gets to work!

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