Quality Built. Affordable. Great Value.

NHC officially began in October of 2021, but the core principles and philosophy of the business were formed much earlier by our founder and CEO, Wade Jurney. Wade has been in the industry for over 20 years—previously owning and operating one of the fastest-growing private building companies in the United States.

The NHC team of leading home building professionals continues to operate under that same philosophy. We are committed to building affordable, high-quality homes that provide great value for our customers. We can do this because efficiencies in our building process result in savings, which we can then pass on to our buyers and clients.

We Are Where You Need Us.

NHC is actively building in ten states across the US, covering much of the Southeast, Midwest, Texas and as far west as Arizona – so it’s easy for you to choose the home that’s right for you – in the location you desire. To view the states and cities where we currently build, click on the highlighted map below.

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